Developing piglets' intestines is the basis

In conventional piglet feed programmes we often see an abrupt transition from sow's milk to dry feed, without intestinal health being taken into account nor the transition to a plant-based diet, which is new to the piglet. Not only does this result in reduced nutrient absorption, but an important intestinal function ends at this point – the natural barrier for neutralising germs.

For this reason, a gradual transition from sow's milk to solid (plant-based) feed is therefore particularly essential. Our Opticare feeds are specially suited to this. The starting point for developing this food was the piglet’s intestine, along with the changes the intestines must undergo in order to be able to digest plant-based feed. You can see that the piglets continue to grow normally and have greater resistance to streptococcus and E. coli; there are also far fewer cases of ear necrosis syndrome.

Experience the quality of Opticare and see the results for yourself. It's not for nothing that our slogan is 'Perhaps even better than sow's milk'. Opticare products can be used in the farrowing pen, in gradual weaning, and in rescue decks.

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