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Opticare, milk programme

With Opticare, SwiNco supplies you with a complete package of liquid and solid milk products.

The Opticare range consists of five unique complete feeds, specially made for piglets to ease the transition from sow's milk to other raw materials. The ultimate goal: a piglet that grows fast in the farrowing pen, is easily weaned, and has a high feed intake after weaning. Opticare can also be used in gradual weaning and in rescue decks.

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The best start after colostrum


The best liquid starter


The best start for young piglets (mash)


Liquid starter for after weaning


The best start for young piglets (mash)

What do you do with information?

The numbers tell the tale, as the old saying goes. At Swinco we take it a step further: to measure is to manage. Because in the end, that's what really matters. The important part isn't the tale itself; it's what you do with the information. Taking the wheel and continually steering towards optimal operational management: that's the goal.

Pig farming is becoming increasingly complex, the margins are minimal, and the number of parameters for optimising the business is increasing (big data), so good consultants are important – indeed crucial – for the future of your business. We are very conscious of the importance of this advisory role and value the opportunity to work with you to get the best out of your business.

Swinco's consultants have years of experience in pig farming, both locally and internationally. It's exceptionally important to know what it takes to survive on the international pig-farming playing field. That's why we are happy to share our knowledge with you, to enable your business to perform at its best.

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